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Crip Ladywood

Crip Ladywood (he/him) rolled onto the Birmingham drag scene in late 2021 and has been going from strength to strength since. He took a talent contest by storm, then went on to take second place at every contest he entered, including; Disabled Queer and Hears Artist of the Year 2022, West Midlands Drag Idol 2022, and the Church of Yshee Lip-Sync Contest 2022.

One of the UK's only wheelchair-using drag artists, Crip wants to spread joy, love, passion and lots of laughs. Brought up in the “Brummie Bastard” school of drag, entertainment is first and foremost in his mind when performing. Self-styled as “Birmingham's fruitiest vegetable”, he challenges stereotypes & idiosyncrasies through entertainment. He’s able to provide hosting skills, games, comedy, lip-sync performances and some live singing.

When not in drag Crip's alter ego Emma (they/them), has over a decade of experience in disabled peoples' activism and campaigning. They are a consummate public speaker and educator. Leading with compassion, but not losing sight of the end goal, they have worked tirelessly to advocate for disabled peoples' liberation. Emma is currently the Access Lead of Birmingham Pride, a director of Queer Stage Revolution, and a proud Equity member.

As a genderqueer, bisexual, fat, neurodivergent, wheelchair user they bring their unique perspective to the drag world which touches on what it is to be queer, to be proud of one's existence, to struggle to access community, and the importance of finding and treasuring the moments of lightness and joy.

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